User-centric web design.

75% of customers judge company credibility based on website design.

We offer small-medium enterprises responsive web design and revamps
complete with web copywriting and cross-device compatibility. We work closely with you to construct
a website that accurately conveys your brand personality, tone and unique selling point.
Our Services.
Web Design 
This is perfect for business owners ready to take the next step in legitimising their business. We take inspiration from your story and offer a full design and build of your branded website inclusive of web copywriting and SEO packages. 

Our team conducts market research, defines your target market and identifies industry best practices to create a user-centric website that appeals to your niche. We collaborate with you to build a website you love. 
Website Revamp
As time passes and your business grows, you may find that your current website no longer conveys your brand…

A Website Revamp is perfect for businesses that already have a website but are looking for something new. We evaluate your current website for user-centric strategy, copywriting and flow. We take inspiration from your story and refresh your website to reflect your business in the present day. 

Our team conducts market research, defines your target market, identifies industry best practices and rejuvenates your website based on your brand now. 
Website Maintenance
Post project completion, Blot wants to make sure your website is up to date. Our team offers a quarterly maintenance package for the upkeep of your site, but can also do once-off maintenance updates if required. We want to make sure you are happy, and to give your site some consistent TLC!
Our Process.
Each project is different and each client is unique. Blot understands that.
We understand the brief you approach us with, discuss and quote according to your needs and how we can deliver.
All meetings include presentation PDFs you can take with you.  
*Hosting and domain costs at the client’s expense
It takes 50 milliseconds for viewers to judge your website. Invest in cross-device compatibility. 
Actualise your vision.
Blot speaks your language. We involve you in the design process. Not only do we support your vision while advising best practices, but we also make sure you come out having learnt more about the digital world.

Competitive digital presence.
Blot curates a digital front that accurately represents your brand. We help increase your brand credibility and legitimacy. Our websites are backed by research specific to your niche so you stand out against your competitors. 
More than just design.
Blot understands a good website does not stop at visuals. Our packages include web copy and optimisation for search engines to grow organic traffic and increase engagement and retention of your visitors.

Business Succession.
Blot websites generate leads. Our designs and copy are optimised with call to action backed by the customer journey and personas. We build the ideal website flow that aligns with your business goals. 
About Us.
A web design specialist offering the whole package of SEO, web copywriting and responsive website design for small-medium enterprises, startups and freelancers. Our team is skilled in graphic design, user-centric strategy, and online marketing. 

Our values include authenticity, diversity and beauty. Our aim is to break down the barriers to businesses achieving their best online presence, to guide and equip our clients through search engines, websites and search engine optimisation to set you up for longstanding success. Our modern take on the digital space means that we serve quality and differentiated web designs centred on your target market backed with market research. 

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, our team enjoys the classic Melbournian pastimes of brunch and coffees. 
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