"Theresa and Zahraa, are innovative and enthusiastic web designers. They worked hard over last few months to deliver a beautiful website that gives best experience to end-users. I have also noticed that website is built to cater for search engines, hence I am witnessing significant increase in new leads.
Thanks for brand spanking new website.😀
I will be happy to recommend this talented team to anyone looking for website development and maintenance."

– Priya Shah, Evan Consulting Engineers
Who Was the Client.
Evan Consulting Engineers, a team of structural and civil engineering experts contacted the team at Blot to revamp their existing GoDaddy website. They had originally created this website in-house with little experience in website design.
The Return Brief.
Evaluating and revamping Evan Consulting Engineers’ website for improved customer experience. The aim was to establish a stronger digital presence and create an accessible platform for clients to contact Evan Consulting Engineers. The target market was determined to be construction industry professionals, this required the design and copy to be informative and convey speed. 
What Was Our Scope.
Understanding the existing builder (GoDaddy), assets, and content of the website, as well the budget of the revamp altered approaches where the final deliverable had to cater for these factors. These constraints called for creative solutions to challenges around the template, existing site structure and assets. We focused on furthering and refining the brand tone and personality with a purposeful framework to maximise the effects of the project scope.
How We Delivered.
We initialised the direction with Evan Consulting Engineers beginning with a current website evaluation, explaining key areas of improvement for visual uplift and a more intuitive layout. With continual client involvement throughout the process, we made sure to vocalise reasoning, adjustments as well as workarounds to cater for the restrictive builder. This ensured transparency and feedback to be enacted, making sure the project was delivered to the best of our ability and close to Evan Consulting Engineers vision.
Final results.
Evan Consulting Engineers final deliverable was a responsive website revamped to accurately convey their brand in the present. Their content focuses were their customer service and the speed at which they deliver. Their new website relays their personality, while clearly conveying who they are and what they do.

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