"Amazing to work with in the design and delivery of my website. Zahraa and Theresa worked closely with me to research, copywrite, design and deliver a website that ticks all the boxes for my business."

– Trevor Gehrig, AllView
Who Was the Client.
AllView, a dilapidation report provider approached us with the brief for a 2-page static website.
They were looking to legitimise their business in the construction industry and appeal to their target audience with a website that would act as a lead generator, guiding clients to their contact page.
Our Return Brief.
Designing a basic and clean B2B website for AllView to establish a digital presence. The website will introduce the business and allow an easy channel for clients to contact AllView. The target market was determined as Builders in the Victorian Construction industry. This meant that web design and copy needed to be snappy, informative and accurate as this group tends to be time-poor, with a need to move quickly.
What Was Our Scope.
Within the budget and quick timeline, we delivered the best value out of the constraints. Focusing on quality and succinct design decisions, we ensured that main features and core client goals – promoting lead generation – were delivered. 

For design, this meant a simple, minimal, and professional approach to aesthetics. Where the copywriting focused on providing key information with compelling language and well-placed call to action buttons (CTA).

For the web builder, we decided on a personal plan on WordPress with the hosting to connect with the existing domain registration. This was an economical option that allowed for flexibility but also worked with existing constraints.
How We delivered.
We begin projects by aligning our vision with our client. This meant discussions prior to and during the initial consultation, building mood board options to direct the visual identity of AllView, understanding key offerings, services, and the brand story. These discussions fed into our design and copywriting decisions, where we collaborated with AllView to build a site that accurately conveys their brand.   

Scaffolding the flow of the pages, we focused our efforts on the home page, with every intentional CTA button prompting visitation of the contact page. Parallax images, icons, and colour blocks allowed for clear visual structuring and quickly digestible information. 

The structure of the website followed standard practices, to ensure familiarity for visitors to the site while keeping visual distractions minimal. This was ensured while delivering variations in responsivity.
Animated buttons.
Animated buttons.
Dynamic images.
Dynamic images.
Final results.
AllView’s final deliverable is a clean and professional website with just the right number of CTA buttons to encourage and guide the user to contact the team. Their website is a digital lead generating tool complete with accurate web copywriting, ambient images and a beautiful viewer experience. 

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